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Links to Scholarship Applications and/or Information:


Lafayette Co C-1 MSTA Student Teaching Scholarship (Due semester prior to student teaching)

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation (List of 100s of scholarships)

American Psychological Association (List of 100s of scholarships; some are for later in college career)

Varsity Tutors Scholarship Contest (Winners selected each month)



K9 Carts Scholarship/Vet Medicine (August 31)



You Deserve It Scholarship (September 29)

Missouri Cattlemen Foundation Scholarship (September 30)



AES Engineering Scholarship (October 6)

Tobacco Free Life (October 31)



Prudential Spirit of Community Award/NASSP (November 6)

Hagan Scholarship Foundation (November 15)   

SOY - Secure Optimal Yield Scholarship (November 19)

MSBA FutureBuilders/Belcher Scholarship (November 30)



Project 21 Scholarship Program/Missouri Gaming Association (Entries due Dec 1-Feb15; App due Mar 1) Waiting on update as of 9.5.18

Buy-Rite Beauty Annual Cosmetology Scholarship (December 4)

Lead Roster B2B Sales & Marketing Scholarship (December 15)

Publicity.ai SEO & Content Marketing Scholarship (December 15)

Burger King Scholars Program (December 15)

Missouri Corn Scholarship  (December 15)

Conservation Foundation/Ed Stegner (Decemeber 31)

The Great Clips Scholarship Program/Alice Madden Barton (December 31/June 30)



National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship Program (January 1)

GE Reagan Foundation Scholarship  (January 4) Website has not updated yet for this year. 10.11.18

KLL Memorial Scholarship Foundation (January 10)

Coolidge Scholars Program (January 23; Open to Juniors and Seniors) 

Healthcare Leaders Scholarship (January 29) Website has not updated yet for this year. 10.11.18

10 Words or Less Scholarship (January 31)

Whiteman Spouses' Club Scholarship (January 31) 


Westlake Scholarship Program  (February 1) Website has not updated yet for this year. 10.11.18

Youth In Agriculture Scholarship  (February 1) Website has not updated yet for this year. 10.11.18

Kansas City Associated Equipment Distributors Scholarship Application (February1) Waiting for updated application. 10.11.18

National FFA Scholarship Program (February 6)

Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers Scholarship (February14; Counselor will mail applications on Mon, Feb 12 at noon)  Waiting for updated application. 10.11.18

Minority Teaching Scholarship MDHE (February 15)

Society of Women Engineers Scholarships (February 15) Website has not updated yet for this year. 10.11.18

John & Kathryn English Memorial Scholarship  (active 4-H members - due February 23) Waiting for updated application. 10.11.18

MOCPA Scholarship (February 23) Waiting for updated application. 10.11.18

Missouri Educators of Family and Consumer Sciences and Human Services Scholarship (February 27)

P.L.A.Y. Scholars for Collars Scholarship (February 28)


As of 10.11.18, the scholarships listed below have not been checked for accuracy/updates yet. Many of the local scholarships use the same application and due date each year. 


Braxton Rethwisch Scholarship (March 1)

Chelsea Leann Guilford Scholarship (March 1)

FCS Financial Scholarship  (March 1)

Missouri Swine Association Scholarship (March 1)

Farm Kids for College Scholarship (March 1)

Steward Scholars Program (March 1; attending UCM; majoring in Computer Information Systems)

State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship (March 2)

Charles Lyons Memorial Foundation Scholarship (March 2; Must be returned to counselor's office by noon on March 1 or you will need to send/deliver it)

Missouri Bankers Foundation Scholarship (March 9) 

Cheryl K. Markley Memorial Scholarship (March 11)

Austin Beck Memorial Wrestling Scholarship Info/Scholarship Guidelines/Scholarship Application (March 15)

Derek W. Gillilan Scholarship (March 15)

MFA Foundation Scholarship (March 15) 

Missouri 4-H Foundation Scholarship (March 15)/Information on all available 4-H   Scholarships

Missouri Farm Bureau Charles E. Kruse Agricultural Scholarship (March 15)

Skilled Labor Shortage Scholarship (March 15)

Lafayette County Cancer Coalition (March 16) 

West Central Electric Scholarship (Guidelines) (March 16) 

AFA Community Scholarship (March 17)

American Foreign Service Association Scholarship (March 18)

West-Central MO Association of School Administrators Educational Scholarship (Guidelines) (March 24)

Black Note $2,000 Smoke-Free World Scholarship (March 30)

Santa Fe Agri-Leaders Scholarship (March 30)

Mitchell Wooden Memorial Scholarship (March 30)

Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship (March 30)

10 Words or Less Scholarship (March 31)

Courage Scholarship (March 31)

Masonic Scholarships - State Level (March 31)

Missouri Courage Scholarship (March 31)

Missouri Insurance Education Foundation Scholarship (March 31)

MSPS/Robert V. Perrie Memorial Scholarship (March 31) 

Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship/Criteria Information/Checklist (March 31)

Shelter Insurance Foundation Scholarship (March 31)



Purnell-Scott Family Memorial Scholarship (April 1)

Richey / Hopkins Memorial Scholarship  (April 1)

Starke-Blosser Memorial Scholarship (April 1) Please do not put "see attached" until you have filled up the spaces given on the application. Turn in to Mrs. Bentley. (Do not mail like the directions say.)

West Central Electric/Linn State Technical College (April 1)

CW & Delores Hook/FFA Booster Scholarship (Ignore the date on the application paperwork. Turn in by April 1.)

Doug Kleinbeck Memorial Scholarship (April 1)

Higginsville Rotary/Walter & Pearl Luehrman (April 1)

AgriLegacy Scholarship (April 1)

American Legion Auxiliary Health Careers Scholarship  (April 1)

Bour Memorial Scholarship (April 1)

Sweeney Family Trade Scholarship (April 1)

The Classic Shop Scholarship (April 1)

Whitetails Unlimited Davis Creek Chapter (April 2)

Susan Skelton Memorial Scholarship (April 4)

American Legion Post 223 of Higginsville (April 5)

Class of 1978 Memorial Scholarship (April 5)

David R. Davis Memorial Scholarship (April 5)

Herman & Micky Simmons Memorial Scholarship (April 5)

Maurice R. Rabius Memorial Scholarship (April 5)

Lafayette County Cattlemen's Scholarship (April 6)

Donald and Marcile Fischer Agriculture Memorial Scholarship (April 6)  

American Fire and Sprinkler Association (AFSA) (Entries accepted Sept 10-April 6)

Kenneth L. Short Memorial Scholarship (Opaa!) (Details) (April 6) 

Forest Riekhof Memorial Scholarship (April 8)

Corder Lion Club Scholarship (April 9)

Corder VFW Scholarship (April 9)

Lafayette Co. C-1 EA Teacher's Association Scholarship (April 9)

Albert D. Lee Memorial Scholarship  (April 10)

Bulter Scholarship (April 10)

Samuel Duncan Memorial Scholarship (April 10)

Paula M. Perrine Memorial Scholarship (April 10)

James H. Stoner Scholarship (April 10)

Susan Skelton Memorial Scholarship (April 11 BY NOON)

Marla Tobin Scholarship (April 11)

Edward & Harri Huscher Family Scholarship (April 11)

Sigma Alpha Professional Agriculture Scholarship (April 11)

Morris, King, & Hodge Driver Safety Scholarship (April 12)

Sweeney Family Trade Scholarship (April 13) 

Signet Classics Student Scholarship (April 14)

Voiture 333 Nursing Scholarship (April 14)

Class of 1977  (April 15)

National Black Nurses Association Scholarship (April 15)

Renno Memorial Scholarship (April 15) 

Darrick K. Homfeld Memorial Scholarship (April 15)

CAPS Scholarship (April 15)

Richard Carter Memorial Scholarship  (April 15)

Richard & Alice Carter Memorial Scholarship  (April 15)

Lafayette County C-1 MSTA Scholarship (April 15)

P.E.O. Chapter EK Scholarship (April 15)

John T. (Jack) Coats Memorial Scholarship (April 16)

Scholarship Points Award (April 17)

Grace R. Ostermeyer Memorial Scholarship (April 18)

NAACP Mar-Saline Scholarship (April 18) 

Wayne Whitaker Memorial Scholarship (April 18)

Higginsville Little League BB/SB Scholarship (April 19)

American Legion Charles L. Bacon Memorial Scholarship (April 20)

American Legion Commander's Scholarship (April 20)

American Legion Erman W. Taylor Memorial Scholarship (April 20)

American Legion M.D. "Jack" Murphy Memorial Nurses Training Scholarship (April 20)

American Legion Joseph J. Frank Scholarship (April 20) 

American Legion Lillie Lois Ford Scholarship Fund (April 20) 

American Legion Shane Dean Voyles Memorial Scholarship (April 20)

Garrett Moore Memorial FFA Scholarship (April 20)

HYDRO Scholarship  (April 20)

Higginsville Masonic Lodge (April 20)

Dean Woltemath Scholarship (April 21)

Engineering Technical Scholarship (April 21)

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship (April 29)

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Spouses Visual Arts Scholarship (April 29)

Brad Hemme Memorial Ag Scholarship (April 30)

E-Waste Scholarship (April 30)

Kansas City Associated Equipment Distributors (April 30)

Ralph Theiman Educational Fund/Earl & Maxine Smarr Scholarship (April 30)



Bob Pace Scholarship/Student Teaching Scholarship (May 1)

Paradigm Challenge Scholarship (May 1)

Rover College Scholarship (May 1)

B. Davis Scholarship (May 22)

Cameron Impact Scholarship (May 27)

BBB Student Ethics Award  (May 30)  for JUNIORS



Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship Program (June 1)

Aspiring Business Professional Scholarship (June 1)

Aspiring Fashion Professional Scholarship (June 1)

Helping Teaching Scholarship (June 1)

Mark A. Forester Scholarship (June 1)

Horatio Alger Career & Technical Scholarship (June 1)

Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship Program (June 1)

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship (June 14)

Global Lift Equipment Scholarship (June 15)

SP Scholarship (June 15)

Sons of the American Legion Scholarship (June 15) 

BigSun Scholarship (June 19)

The Great Clips Scholarship Program/Alice Madden Barton (December 31/June 30)




Fleming College Scholarship (July 1)