Beginning with the 2002-2003 school year, the Lafayette County C-1 School District introduced the concept of character education as a district wide initiative for students and faculty.  The inspiration for this program came from a program called CHARACTERplus. Started in 1988 by a group of parents, educators, and business leaders, CHARACTERplus addresses the deterioration of basic values among school age individuals through partnerships between parents, schools, and the community. 

Over four-hundred schools, nationwide, are involved in this program. The eight traits were chosen by the community, and defined by the Character Education Committee. The committee was chosen by the principal from each building. From September through April, the traits of the month are respect, responsibility, citizenship, compassion, self-esteem, tolerance, integrity, and accountability. The program is funded through a district-wide grant.

Character Traits--Word of the Month

September  Respect, showing consideration for self, others and property
October  Responsibility, being dependable and doing your part
November Citizenship, showing character and conduct that is a credit to self, school and community
December  Compassion, understanding and caring for the feelings of others
January   Self-esteem, believing in yourself and your abilities
February  Tolerance, being non-judgmental of the uniqueness of others
March   Integrity, being honest, trustworthy and standing up for what is right
April   Accountability, taking ownership of your actions and behaviors

         Character Education School Activities:

    The three schools in our district, Grandview Elementary, and Lafayette County C-1 Middle School and High School, have been doing activities to get the students more involved with the program. There are various activities throughout the different schools.

Grandview Elementary Middle School High School
First Mate Patriot Day on September 11, 2002 to commemorate 9/11/01 Blood Drive
Character in Action Club Peer helpers were trained and introduced to students and staff Assemblies
Daily Greeting/Pledge Linda Niendick, Lafayette County Clerk, spoke to students about voting and registration importance Symbols of Awareness 
Display of Student work Student played the Taps over the intercom for a moment of silence on Veteran's Day The "YOU CAN SCHOOL PROGRAM"
Car-rider Mirror Tags Students registered and voted on school uniforms and fast food in the cafeteria Display of traits on school sign
Grade Level Features in the Higginsville Advance and Newsletter If the students did one hour of Community Service in December, a candle certificate was displayed on their locker National Guard presentations 
  Project Duffle Bags- Students brought in duffel bags full of personal items to give to the Lafayette County Division of Family Services Donations for troops overseas 

Things you can do:

Character Education Committee Members

 Elementary Middle School High School District Personnel
Ginger Cochran Gary Wheeler Joe Mintner David Lawrence
Brenda Frolin Pat Beale Darrell Jeffries Janet Jones
Deb Jones Rhonda Boedeker Lucinda Cole  
Susan Kilmer Barb Copenhaver Brandi Barnes
  Annette Snapp Paulette Augustine
  Gail Lilleman  
  Amy Thieman  

Bob Burrows


Carolyn Frerking


Marybeth Fuller

  Melanie Lynch    

Betsy MacLaughlin

  Emily Rhoad    

Lauri Ruth

  Travis Moore    

How to Sustain our Character Education Program